Tooth Extraction

How Tooth Extraction Helps

Tooth extraction is often a last-resort option, usually reserved for when a tooth is so damaged or infected that it threatens the rest of your oral health, but cannot be restored. For instance, impacted wisdom teeth push against the teeth next to them, and extracting them is often the only way to remove the threat. Besides impacted molars, though, other teeth may also need extraction at times for a variety of reasons, and most often, the extracted tooth should be replaced as soon as possible.

When Extraction is Best

Before recommending tooth extraction, Dr. Darlington will carefully examine the tooth to ensure that no other restorative treatment can save it. Common conditions that can call for extraction include (but are not limited to);

  • A tooth that is so infected root canal treatment cannot save it
  • A tooth that is too damaged to support a protective dental crown
  • A tooth with a cracked or fractured root underneath your gum line
  • A tooth that has lost its support due to advanced periodontal disease

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