Protect Your Gums With A Periodontal Cleaning

The bacteria in your mouth can harm more than just your teeth. When bacteria infiltrates your gum line, it can cause gum disease, and jeopardize your oral health. A periodontal cleaning can help clear away the accumulated bacteria from your gums, and treat your risk for gum disease. If you exhibit signs of gingivitis, a periodontal cleaning can help prevent the infection from growing into a more serious condition, like periodontitis. By keeping your gums healthy, you can prevent your gum line from receding, which can increase your risk for tooth loss.

How A Periodontal Cleaning Works

A periodontal cleaning, also referred to as a deep cleaning, is a process where your dentist cleans areas of your teeth that lie below the gum line. This eliminates the plaque and tartar that have direct access to your gums, and create issues like gingivitis and gum disease. By clearing away the bacteria sitting below the gum line, your dentist can remedy issues like chronic bad breath, stop gum recession, and restore the health of gums that have become swollen or painful. Because a periodontal cleaning can be an involved process, it may take additional visits to complete.

Preventive Measures To Keep Your Mouth Healthy

Preventive treatments like keeping regular dental visits, and brushing and flossing at home, can protect you against a host of oral health problems. Your dentist can look for issues like the onset of gum disease, as well as spot – and treat – issues related to bruxism, or teeth grinding. Routine checkups with your dentist can keep your mouth healthy, and make it possible to receive treatment for problems before serious symptoms develop.


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