Supporting A Prosthetic Tooth With A Dental Implant

A dental implant provides stability for a prosthetic tooth by mimicking the function of a natural tooth root. The implant enables you to enjoy a more securely-attached replacement tooth, and improves its ability to properly function. Your dentist can also use a dental implant to place a tooth when a dental bridge is not a viable option for your prosthetic. A replacement tooth can restore your appearance after losing a tooth, but it is also an important way to correct for the ways that a missing tooth can compromise your oral health.

How A Dental Implant Works

A dental implant holds your prosthetic in place by connecting it to your jaw bone. The implant, a titanium rod, is surgically planted in your jaw. This helps ensure that the replacement tooth will not shift or loosen, which makes it less likely to interfere with your everyday life. The implant also provides the necessary stability to allow the replacement to perform tasks like biting and chewing. You can receive a single dental implant for a single prosthetic, or several implants can be used to hold full or partial dentures in place. A dental implant can also be an essential alternative to a dental bridge. A dental bridge requires that teeth on either side of a missing tooth are strong enough to receive crowns.

Why You Should Replace A Tooth

Even one missing tooth can disrupt the normal movement of your jaw. Tooth loss can affect your ability to comfortably speak and chew. The teeth surrounding a lost tooth have less support because of this absence, which makes them more vulnerable to being lost.


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